Auto Truck Boat Steering Wheel Knob Spinner Handle Power Ball (Brown)

  • Free spinning knob makes steering effortless
  • Easy to install. Steering Wheel Knob to provide the much-needed support for controlling car steering wheels safely, conveniently and effectively.
  • ZZXSWC Steering Wheel Spinner make you feel at ease when answer call by one hand, even face complex conditions while driving
  • Provides quick and easy 360 degree steering control for increased manoeuvrability.
  • Material: alloy, Spinner is excellent ABS. Fit for prolonged use. Part of auto decoration

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ZZXSWC steering wheel spinner Created flexible turning of the steering wheel to get faster and easier control. 

The steering wheel spinner knob can Help to increase torque force of the steering wheel, great for long-time and long-distance driving.

When turning car, it lessens the turning radius and helps beginners and lady drivers to drive safely and conveniently.


  • Material: Alloy bolt, ABS Plastic
  • Size: Diameter 65mm x L 85mm (2.56 x 3.35 inch)
  • MultiColor: Black | White | Brown

Package Included:

1 x Steering Wheel Spinner, 1 x Anti Slip Pad

ZZXSWC Steering Wheel Knob Spinner Feature:

  • Relax Your Shoulder
  • Easy to install
  • Steering Wheel Intimate Companion
  • Durable
  • Effortless to Use
  • 360 Degree Rorate
  • Considerate Care

Please Note:

  1. Make sure the power handle is mounted securely before using. 
  2. Check the bolt often if fixed or not. 
  3. Never use additional adhesive liquid. 
  4. Avoid using the power handle when you drive with high speed. 
  5. If the steering wheel cover is installed, mount the power handle after taking off the wheel cover, and install the cover again over it.

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